Why Canada?

Canada is a country whose name has been a symbol of hope for a better life for millions of people from all over the world for over 300 years. These peoples, over the centuries, built a country with their own hands, which today is considered one of the most attractive.

There are many states in the world that are attractive from the point of view of a potential emigrant. These are practically all countries in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and, of course, Canada. Moreover, Canada is far from the last on this list. Canada has several very specific advantages. Let’s try to consider all the pros and cons.

Climatic conditions and ecology

Unlike Australia, Canada has the usual climatic conditions for most people especially from Europe. Canada is very diverse. The climate, for example, in Toronto is warm and mild. The same goes for the Vancouver neighborhoods. But in the prairie zone, the situation is completely different. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta are a kind of Canadian Siberia with hot summers and very cold winters. The Atlantic coastline and, of course, the tundra and Arctic desert zones, which occupy more than half of the country’s territory, have their own characteristics. However, in areas where the majority of Canadians live, the climate is quite comparable to that of Europe.

Canada is considered one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. Millions of square kilometers of virgin forests, thousands of pristine lakes, rivers and streams distinguish Canada from other developed countries of the world. Clean air, high-quality water and stunning beauty of nature make you feel great at any time of the year.

Canada – the country of imigrants

Everyone knows how hard it is to live in a foreign land, among other people. Starting life in Canada is also difficult enough at any age. However, here no one will ever reproach an immigrant for coming to Canada for a better life. The fact is that almost all residents of Canada are descendants of immigrants from all over the world. Many are generally first generation immigrants. As for the indigenous people of the country, there are very few of them. These are the Inuit or Eskimos living in the north of Canada and the practically assimilated remnants of the Indian peoples who left a rich legacy to the new inhabitants of Canada in the form of the original names of lakes, rivers, cities. Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and Canada are words from various Indian languages.

Today the country is home to many people of a wide variety of nationalities. In Toronto alone, you can visit the China town, Little Italy, and many other national areas. This country is a home for 100 000 Poles, about 90 000 Ukrainians, more than 70 000 Russians. You can always find people in Toronto who speak an understandable language.

Developed economy and high standard of living

Canada is one of the most economically developed countries in the world. It is a member of the informal club of economic G7 leaders. Huge reserves of natural resources, developed industrial infrastructure, excellent transport links between the main economic centers of the country are complemented by an excellent education system and a large number of highly qualified specialists. Nevertheless, the country is constantly in need of new specialists. That is why Canada is happy to welcome people who can benefit the country’s economic development.

A strong economy and a British pragmatic approach to organizing life have resulted in Canada having one of the world’s highest living standards. In different territories, this level has a different meaning.

For example, in Ontario or Vancouver, the average income is very high about 80,000-200,000 CAD per year. At the same time, in the north of Quebec and in some other regions, the average income can be 15,000-40,000 CAD. However, in any case, the inhabitants of Canada live much better than the inhabitants of the vast majority of other states.

Canada is proud of its high social standards. The medicine here is practically free and very effective. Education is considered one of the best in the world. All this is achieved at the expense of fairly high tax rates. In some cases, taxes can go up to half of a person’s earnings. However, the income of Canadians allows such costs. The development of state infrastructure and social services in the country is at the highest level. That is, every resident of Canada sees why he pays taxes.

Very high level of security

Canada is considered one of the safest countries for human life. There is no crime here. At the same time, this situation became possible not only due to the excellent organization of the work of law enforcement agencies. Every Canadian takes part in public order. The high morale of the inhabitants of the country implies the duty of every inhabitant to immediately report all their suspicions to the police.